What you need to tell your manager when you want time off to study abroad

Do you need to ask your boss for time off work?

It can be intimidating to ask a higher up for time off work to further your education. But, with our help, asking for the time off and for the course to be paid for can be easy. To get started, download our free proposal template for time off work to study.

Simply fill it out and send it to your boss for approval.

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What You'll Get

The Right Things To Say To Your Manager

Stop trying to think of the right thing to say. Use our free template and have the required information on the screen right in front of you.

What we cover:

  • Background information on studying abroad
  • Options for studying abroad
  • Benefits of taking time off for education
  • Costs involved
  • Statistics to back up your proposal
  • How to ask for your employer to pay

Time Off Testimonial

Take Our Word For It

Keats School is full of working professionals spending time in Kunming, China to study Mandarin. Not only does learning Mandarin benefit them personally, but it improves their professional development. This template shows you the right way to ask for the time off to study.

Zier Liu - Vice Chairman at Keats School