Giving you a sense of cost comparison between China and the U.S.

Are you looking for information on the cost of living in China compared to the U.S?

Finances and budgeting can be stressful when you’re preparing to study abroad. Leave the calculations to us and download our Free PayScale Comparison Graph. We take common items and compare the price tags and break down the conversion from 元 to USD.

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Find Detailed Cost Information

Don’t waste your time googling cost of living or spending time crunching numbers. Use this free graph to understand the cost of living in China and how it compares to the United States.

What we cover:

  • Costs in China
  • Conversion from 元 to USD
  • Cost in the United States
  • Comparing transit & housing costs
  • Comparing entertainment & food costs

Costs Comparison Testimonial

Take Our Word For It

Keats School knows that finances and costs are always on students minds. We’ve created this targeted graph to help ease the nerves of students coming to China and using a brand new currency.

Zier Liu - Vice Chairman at Keats School